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At Outdoor Lamp Guys best practices are implemented so that you will settle for the best outdoor lighting systems. There are different kinds of outdoor lamp posts which should be selected based on the architecture of your building and the garden. You will have great time by treating the landscape as per your needs. As we will procure high quality traditional and modern outdoor lamps from manufactures there will be highest level of satisfaction. The services are affordable. Call us at 888-562-8826 to understand about different options.


Custom Installations

At Outdoor Lamp Guys, custom outdoor post lamps are installed. They are designed as per your needs. If you are not satisfied with the standard features, you can go for custom options so that all your needs will be filled at the earliest. You can choose a color which compliments with the existing color scheme. There are special colors which include architectural bronze, black gold, bronze and marbleized mahogany. In most of the cases, black is used so that the maintenance can be done very easily. In order to get better accents, you can settle for bronze as well.


Quick service

Call us now at 888-562-8826 to understand various outdoor post lamps which can be chosen with our help. There will not be any delay in processing our orders. Your orders will be processed very quickly as we manage designers, engineers, technicians and support staff who will perform their jobs faithfully. You will get best service by filling the online form so that your requirements will be conveyed to us completely.

Customers can reach us on 888-562-8826 for more information.

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Best customer support and experience

The Outdoor Lamp Guys offers best customer and technical support so that you can install and maintain outdoor post lamps all through the years. There are various plans which can be subscribed so that the repair and maintenance will be done as per your needs. You will be assigned with an account manager through whom all your needs will be fulfilled without any issues.

Outdoor Lamp Guys lamp post inventory

Outdoor Lamp Guys manages inventory so that if there are any repairs, they will be done at the earliest. There are fixtures with clear glass. If there is any damage due to pets or other elements, the repairs will be done by experts to your utmost satisfaction. Call us at 888-562-8826 so that our experts will land at your location and reliable solutions will be offered.

Consultation and estimation services as complimentary

We offer free consultation and estimation services to our customers. You can choose an outdoor lamp post of your choice.

Highest level of safety

The Outdoor Lamp Guys will go for very safe designs so that there will not be any risk. The electrical connections will be intact so that you will have any problems for a very long period of time. We are licensed to carry out various kinds of online operations.

Highest levels of integrity

Outdoor lamp post of your choice can be selected from us and it can be installed without any issues. Our staff will deal with you in a very gentle manner so that there will be highest level of satisfaction.

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